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"Vertigo" instills in the heart of works or between them a seductive disturbance. Each image becomes a residue of a general fragmented and silent frame. For several years, Lenny Rébéré has built up a vast atlas in the form of a digital database on which thousands of images taken daily from the Internet are listed. If he draws some of his subjects from it, he completes here his selection of personal photographs taken during  his holidays. This mixture underlines the porosity between micro-stories and collective memory in the visual writing of history. Landscapes, lascivious bodies, close-up faces or divers then appear like afterimages, concealing a strange familiarity. Unstable indices of the “information cloud” generated by globalization, where everything is a pretext to be processed and then archived, the artist leads each of his images to the threshold of their crystallization [...]. The colored filters that cover the glass plates also set the tone. They give an artificial appearance  performances while accentuating their seductive effect. These color gradients, like a whim, pervert the images, veiling them with a twilight atmosphere, between reverie and erotic melancholy.

Thomas Fort - 2021 - "Vertigo" (excerpt)

Ghost Flows 2, 2022, crayon et fusain sur papier, verre gravé et encré, 105x105cm.jpg
ghost 3.jpg
Ghost Flows 4, 2022, fusain et crayon sur papier, 100x70cm.jpg
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