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"In this immensity, I went up and I went down ... *"

   By Makis Malafékas

The Gauthier workshop wore its best reflections on the day of this diploma; its most captivating glares, shadows and mirages. Because the large paintings of Lenny Rébéré constitute openings on a contemporary translucent and volatile world, a world of which one can only decipher the totality of the signs and the signifiers by the means of a contemplation at the same time subtle and attentive.

The young plastic artist probes the surrounding spaces of his daily life with the instinct of the painter who knows which snapshot it is a question of "keeping", which point of view is the right one, and which particular landscape has enough visual ambiguity to represent it. global ambiguity of existence. The works of the Infra exhibition (title whose “open prefix” side, from the infrared of the surveillance society to the Marxist infra-structure , is claimed by the artist) are presented as scenes from an urban life where the notion of time is relative, sometimes absent and sometimes accelerated, with discreet inhabitants, hidden behind a thousand reflections - including those of indifference and social renunciation. Several layers are superimposed on it, several techniques too.


Rébéré initially comes from engraving (from which he derives his penchant for working with images through matter ), and now practices charcoal on canvas as well as sandblasting on glass, a support whose obvious fragility blends perfectly with the subjects it deals with.

* Pasolini, Oil


Makis Malafékas, 2019

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