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"Layered images"

   By Camille Lemay

Every second, 2,263 photographs are posted on social networks. They show our loves, our friends, our favorites, our moods and freeze on the canvas a moment of our life.
There is what we are and this avatar that is expressed through the images that we filter. The virtual is superimposed on the real, like a layer. Moreover, it is often on the Internet, an infinite self-service data bank, that the artist Lenny Rébéré draws on to create an ode to the intangible.

The vaporous spirits of his works evolve in spectral settings, in black and white, like old photographs abandoned during development. The games of transparency and the lightness that emerges from these scenes whisper to us that we go through life without really owning anything.

His characters are rarely alone but do not interact with each other. Staring into space, they remind us that in a world that has never been so “connected”, we are often alone in front of ourselves in the midst of a crowd of everyday strangers.

We cannot locate the paintings which seem suspended in time. They give us a feeling of unfinished business and remind us that everything is fleeting. It is then that our sensitivity and our imagination must take over.
Poetry absorbs the eye which caresses every detail to detect clues, interpret facial expressions, invent a story and give meaning to this wandering. A need to exist hovers above these everyday ghosts and sends us back to our own fate, fragile and mysterious.

Drowned in an ocean of lonely souls and suffocated by mass consumption, our own life sometimes seems to elude us. Isn't it time to reclaim it for us?

Camille Lemay


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