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“There are these lost passers-by on whom our gaze stumbles. In fact, they could be you, or me. Because they are the walkers of Google Street View, today wandering and anonymous souls hidden in our screens. Lenny Rébéré takes hold of these strangers, and gives them, if not a body, a pictorial consistency. But hidden behind this hollowed out jail, their image is revealed in bits and pieces depending on the areas covered or not by the metal panels. The artist engraved there the forgotten faces of historical figures.  

More than a confrontation between eras, these temporal strata materialize the ghostly life of images and create a survival of past forms, constructing the DNA of our culture.

These anachronisms make Lenny Rébéré an anthropological artist of images driven by the desire to know who the real ghosts of our time are: these legendary characters or our bodies, broken by pixels. ”


Camille Bardin January 2019

"Beyond the visible" (excerpt)

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