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“I cannot omit this title,“ Infras ”, which comes like a breath in the reading of recent pieces by Lenny Rébéré. It is indeed the prefix that Marx and Engels came to place at the initial of the structure, thus creating the unifying concept of the production systems of our societies, antonym of the superstructure. Because these images are the basis of a community without territory, of a thought without a body that grows through the Internet and is, according to Lenny Rébéré, the support of a sociology of our relationships.  

But above all, infra is the radiation that goes beyond the visible spectrum of light, the radiation that goes to nestle beyond the limits. And that's where Lenny Rébéré takes us. The reflection of glass has already captured our features, now engulfed in an alternative space, at the crossroads of worlds: hidden between the virtual and the real, the intimate and the collective. These works thus crystallize the relationships we have with images.  

Because if one does not cease to underline their impressive quantity, if one always tries tirelessly to analyze this general and permanent zapping, nothing helps: the images escape us; they assail us on a daily basis, seize our attention, then also suddenly vanish into the limbo of our networks. ”


Camille Bardin

“Beyond the visible” (extract) January 2019

Sans titre-1.jpg

Infras exhibition view - 2021- Isabelle Gounod Gallery - Photo credit Rebecca Fanuele


Infra 4 , 2019, etched and inked glass, metam frame, 130 x 100 cm

sans-titre 130x130.jpg
sans-titre 130 x 130.jpg

Infras, 2019, etched and inked glass, meta frames, 130 x 130 cm

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