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From now on, a single click allows you to travel across the globe: webcams placed in various places allow this motionless stroll. “Galaxy” is initially the name of a bar with a rowdy sign visible under the attentive lens of one of the many webcams. The project consists of a large room in broken glass and a set of several screens, on which are broadcast video extracts from this live webcam installed in a busy street on the other side of the world, available 24 hours a day. and free on the Internet.

After a night-time capture via the computer screen, then the fragmented distribution of these recordings, the viewer's eyes then reach anonymous interactions taken out of context, which suddenly take on an almost documentary dimension. . Supposed reports of seduction, friendship, hatred or violence, reach us like a new contracted nocturnal world, ready to be deciphered.

Secondly, certain scenes from these recordings were isolated and then integrated into mirrors (engraved glasses and inked on the back) taking the form of micro-stories. Playing with a mise en abyme which doubles the space for receiving these images, Galaxy then places the viewer no longer in front, but on the other side of the screen, while pointing out to us the fragility and ambiguity of the relationship. to the world offered by these new digital tools based on one-way exchanges from viewer (now voyeur) to observed.

So, it is a whole contemporary ethnography which takes shape, no longer external testimony but images of the interior, reflexive. And sometimes it is necessary, by a tilt that escapes us, that a dissociation takes place, that we turn the glass screen so that its space, its volume is restored at the moment. That we see each other see. The gaze leaves its purely visual field, calls upon the memory, is exposed to our acuity. The fleeting image that seizes us has the violent clarity of an awareness: we realize it, we deploy it.

And it is this deployment of experience in this detachment that we call image, like language, symptom of a discreet immensity.


Lenny Rébéré - 2019

Vue d'exposition Galaxy.JPG
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