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“Behind the window which occupies the center of the composition, a party is taking place. A figure has not been invited, from the outside and through the glass, she tries to observe what she cannot participate. Herself a spectator, she reflects and embodies the position in which we find ourselves. The reflections of the glass represented are reflected on the glass plates used by the artist. Those represented by the artist opacify the screen behind which the figure is hiding; those which are reflected on the glass reveal to us not only the one in front of which we find ourselves but also the world which continues to exist around him. face, a part of the body or of clothing which are reflected in their turn, adding a new layer to these ambiguous images, already difficult to fully grasp. "

Horya Makhlouf - Extract From an instant to eternity, the Graineterie for Young Art Critics - 2017


Untitled , 2017, engraved and inked glasses, metal, 280 X 300 X 120 cm

- work produced for the exhibition From an instant to eternity, La Graineterie, Commissariat Maud Cosson


grand verre face.jpg
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